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Should you contract a vacation rental Agency?

Should you contract a vacation rental agency? Whether you’ve just decided to enter the vacation rental business and feel a bit lost or simply had enough of juggling everything yourself, you might consider contracting an Agency or Management company to take vacation...

Setting a price

Setting a price So you’ve decided to rent out your home. You’ve decorated, created profiles, it’s now time to set a pricing strategy. So how exactly can you find that price range that will bring you the highest income, keep your expenses low and attract the right...

Pets or no pets?

Pets or no pets When you’re going on a holiday it is always a nice thought to bring your family friend with you and it’s not that easy finding a pet friendly place to stay. Well, now that you’re renting out you’re on the receiving end of it all. So what are the pros...

Is it worth to be on multiple OTAs?

Is it worth to be on multiple OTAs? So you’ve set up everything and are ready to start receiving bookings for you property? The question is where to advertise and what exactly is the difference between each OTA (online travel agency). Is it worth at all to register on...

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