About me


My head, same as my fathers, is shaped like a bowling pin. I’m sure of it, as I hardly had hair till I was two, around the same time my fathers hair started thinning. I think there’s a picture of me somewhere he accurately labelled “marble head”.

I get my laugh after my mum. I’m sure of this too, many of her friends told me so over the phone on separate occasions.

So my head is round and my face is happy. My parents met and the result is a smiley.

Bori Korom

tour guide, blogger, journalist, copywriter

I tell and write. Tales, articles, blogs, interviews. Posts, websites, stories. I also write shopping lists and DVDs. Not programs.

  • Female (we have proof) 100%
  • Explains herself 75%
  • Knows what she wants 40%
  • Has no idea what she wants 40%
  • Don’t you dare tell her what she wants 60%
  • Normal 65,326%
  • May contain peanuts 0,01%

Impressive and elequent stuff I could add in this spot come to my mind exclusively when I’m away from the computer.

I have a tree hugger forest-hippy side, who is most happy when trecking in fresh air or finding the woodpecker on the tree and is immensly into pagan things and shamanistic cultures. More often then not she gets in conflict with my side that is a Lady from Buda, who has never in her life attended a pig slaughter, thinks it hipocracy to act like a topmodell while dressing from discounts, always fancies a different unique jewelry and firmly believes that every houselhold holds (or at least should hold) a dusty, packed book case. They are usually in perfect agreement when it comes to shopping bone, horn, dainty metal or leather jewelry and locate the blacksmith shop at every fair. Opposing them is the hobbit of the wooden spoon. The hobbit is small, but loud and a genuinely moody. Grumpy, strong-minded, rambunctious, cheerfull, shameless and loudmouthed, all the while managing the budget. A despot in the flesh, who may be ridiculed behind her back by the other two, yet, they do not buy that vitreous enamel jewelry earring that she did not aproove, because we will get our drivers license instead. And that is about enough insight into how decision making is run in my head.

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